Welcome Fabb to the Party!

Please join us in welcoming Fabb to the Party On! band.  Fabb is a staple on the local music scene and his bass lines, vocals, and harmonies drive the band and keep the party on the dance floor.  He is a great addition to the Party On! experience.

From Fabb:  "Music has always been part of my life. I knew I needed to be a musician after hearing the album Chicago V. Starting on trumpet at 10 years old, I was hooked!!! A couple of years later moving to lower brass-tuba, I continued to learn as much about music as I could. While in high school, I started playing bass guitar as well as singing. I went to college for Music Business at UMass Lowell studying under some amazing teachers. I got into the rock scene in 1992 and formed Random Acts which I played with them for 26 years. Also during that time, I joined Van Gogh Cart which later turned into the band HOoDa ThUNk. I convinced the others in the HOoDa ThUNk to bring in an angelic voice…you might know her…Joanie Cicatelli! After the HOoDa project finished, I joined PopRoks and I still work with them today alongside drummer extraordinaire, Johnny Z!  Starting to see a connection here!! I'm looking forward to being part of this great group of musicians!!"

Join us on Friday, March 1st at RaeRocks Bar and Grill in Methuen and give Fabb the warm welcome he deserves!

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